“The main aim for the Al Anwaar Jewellery store at Dubai Mall was to create a serene and elegant environment with strong links to femininity as well as acheive a seamless environment where the space is fluid and the process from entrance to product was in synergy with the design aesthetics.”

– Commercial Interior Design Magazine


“Working with the Bishop Design team has been a truly rewarding experience…When we met and discussed our vision, Bishop Design was ready for this challenging mission: design and adapt the first Flagship of Fauchon Paris in Dubai respecting our standards and concepts.”

– Fauchon Paris, Client Recommendation


“After the presentation was sent to our Head Office in Paris, we were completely awed with the outcome as it looked stunning and really professional! The constant support from Bishop Design and flexibility in accommodating changes to meet franchisees expectations is truly remarkable.”

– Fauchon Paris, Client Recommendation


“Eight different high-end watch brands converge in this Multibrand store in the new Burjuman extensions. Surface applications of walnut, fabric, paneling corian, wood and christalino flooring creates a harmonious canvas, while stainless steel sheers give the impression of an aged bronze façade on which the various logos are places. A clear winner!”

– Judging Panel CID


“The display counters were specifically designed and engineered to retain the elegance and sophistication of the high-quality time pieces as well as creating a highly engineered fixing mechanism to support the cantilevered places of frameless glass eliminating the use of any silicon.”

– 2A Magazine


“We took the ideology of a very classical style and changed the materials, cladding the store with titanium sheeting instead of wood, for example. We created this modern environment still in keeping with the language and narrative of Franck Muller.”

– Metropolis Magazine Online

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Al Anwaar Jewelry
Al Anwaar Jewelry Shop

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Paris Group International & Gianfranco Ferre

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